Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday's class

My first class is very interesting. There is a six year old in class who is the most motivated student. He knows how to makes sentence verbally. He is so eager to say the same sentences other students are suppose to make. The other students are just as smart, but it's interesting watching him in class. 

All of the classes are great though. I just wish they would really start using English more in class. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

5 o'clock

We worked on making more sentences. Each student was assigned the same action verb, but they had to make different grammatical structures with the same sentence. The sentence used is the first grammatical sentence made by the student who created it. The sentence is in the present tense. 

I put their initial next to each sentence they say for later reference. The students are starting to create sentences faster. That is great. Each sentence is spoken verbally. I write the sentences for the students to save time. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My 9 o'clock class

This class has two high school students. They are making sentences with verbs. It's a fun class. The sentences that make are interesting. Both students are energetic. This is a fun class. 

My 7 o'clock class.

This student is a junior night school student. He started at five years old. Since then, he has learned a lot. In this class we are using Target 1100 by Gakken. This book is a vocabulary book. He is making different grammatical sentences with the words. He is good and as each week passes, he's making more detailed sentences. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My 6 o'clock Class

This class has one student in it sometimes two other students come. They two students are siblings. The two older students are at a high level of English. They can make sentences with one word and the can make sentences in all if the grammatical forms in English. They think of everything in their heads. They refer to their dictionaries when appropriate. 

The other student is at the same level as my 5 o'clock class. He just changed times. 

This week we practiced making sentences. 

My 5 o'clock Class

There are three students in this class. They are all Japanese children from the age of six to twelve. Their English levels are at the level of a junior high school Japanese students' level. Of course, that's not giving you any tangible reference. These students can make various grammatical sentences with one word. 

The six year old is very active. He came to my class with some English knowledge. I taught him some things that had him reading in about four months. That was last year. 

Another student came to my class a few years ago. She took a while to understand. I don't know why. Now, she is very active. Her participation is great. Two weeks ago she showed me her homework. I was surprised. 

The other student, the oldest one in the class, had some English knowledge also. His level also increased very fast like the six year old student's level did. His reading is good too. 

All of the students can make there own sentences, verbally. It's so wonderful to watch them prepare their sentences. They do everything in their heads. If they do not understand a Japanese word, they look refer to their dictionaries. 

This class is fun to teach and fun to watch them progress. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Welcome To My New Blog!


My name is Ralph Duncans Jr. I am an English teacher working at SBS in Imafuku Turumi. During the many years I have taught here, I have witness tremendous achievements by students from reading English and learning how to use a dictionary at the age of two years old to a five year student speaking and writing English sentences he thought of himself. There have been many such achievements that I have seen over the years. I will share these experiences with you. I hope you enjoy them.