Monday, November 12, 2018

November 5, 2018

4 o’clock Class

We sang songs and played some card games. One of the students looked up words in a dictionary, while the other student searched for words on an ABC letter search A4 placard. We did phonics practice too. I asked the students, “How are you?” The natural answer is “I am fine”, but in reality any reply is fine, so I asked that question, then showed them some adjectives cards to which they are to answer, “I am ....” plus the adjective the card is displaying. We all counted our body parts. I had them count individually. The funny thing is that the one year old says repeats after me, and he also repeats after the older student as well. Concerning the dictionary, the three year old student is looking up words. That is great. I will be happy when he starts finding three to four words in the time allotted.  The one year old student asked for the ABC placard himself as soon as he saw me grab a dictionary. I am anticipating the three year old student to pass the phonics test in about six months and the one year old student to pass is a month or two afterwards. The students are doing well.

5 o’clock Class

The student in this class moved to the 7 o’clock class. Everyone in that class are at the same level.

6 o’clock Class

The students in this class are reading the second conversation called “Let’s Go Shopping”. They are doing great. The students are four and five years old. Today, we did some translations. They write themselves. If needed I write more legibly. They are doing very well and the pace of the class is getting faster and faster. I will talk to their parents and inform their parents that they are doing well enough that they can advance to the next level after they finished the next conversation. Wow!

7 o’clock Class

The students are doing great. They are learning to make questions from sentences. The goal is for them to ask questions naturally like native English speakers. Everyone is participating actively. They are answering the questions I ask themselves. I am hoping that they will be able to advance to the next level in a couple of months.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

October 22, 2018

4:10 Class

Today, the students sang and played some card games. We focused on phonics and using a dictionary. One of the students who is three years old has just start looking up words in a dictionary. The other student who is one year old is recognizing the ABC cards that I show him and he he able to find that letter on a card with all the letters on the alphabet on it. The one year old student is beginning to repeat more of the phonics that I say. I am hoping that he will pass the test within the next four to six months. Both students are gradually staring to say the names of the cards I show them. That is a grear thing. I am hoping that both students will pass the phonics test we have by April of 2019 and advance to the reading class level.

Today we continued to make sentences with on word. The student understands what to do. His level is advancing weekly. Today’s sentences that were made was “A beaver had blown a tree.” This sounds strange, but it is fine. Next week I will show Hime how to make questions from statements. His understanding is great. I am happy

Today, we continued to read “LET’S GO SHOPPING”. The students reading is great. Both of the students  read more than 70%  of the story correctly. We started translating the story in to Japanese for comprehension purposes. Next week we will play a reading game. If their reeding skills for the next conversation is good, I will start teaching them basic grammar. The students are very active and very happy in class

Today, I continued to teach them how to make questions from statements. They are doing great. They are doing very well. I am waiting for them to tell me what to write on the whiteboard and after they comprehend what to do, then I can teach then we can start having conversations. All of the students are very active and happy in class.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

October 15, 2018 Class.

October 15, 2018

4:10 Class

Today, we sang songs, played some card games and practiced phonics. The student also studied more on using the dictionary. He is three years old and he is doing well. He should be officially looking up words in two weeks. I think he will be start reading within the next six months. Today’s special lesson was “What can you do?”

5:00 Class

We continued with making sentences in English. The student is doing fine. I am planning that we can advance to making questions from statements in a few months. 

6:00 Class

Today’s lesson was reading. We started the second conversation. They are doing well. I gave them a phonics test. The five year old passed it. She enter the class in June. They are doing very well. 

7:00 Class

We continued with making questions from statements. The students are doing well. They are telling me the process. I hope within the next two months we can start having conversations in English. This class is doing well. 

Below is one of the student’s reading lesson. It took three classes to complete this conversation. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Oct 1,2018


Played some cards games with animals, food, and ABCs. Practiced phonics. Did some dictionary practice and sang songs. The class was fun. The students repeated words and sentences and the phonics with me. 


We translated Japanese sentences into English. I asked the student to tell me the steps to translate the Japanese sentence into English. He did very well. The next step is for him to say the sentences automatically. 


The students read the conversation from last week and translated the sentences into English. They did very well. The goal is for them to get comfortable, then start their grammar class. 


The students continued with learning how to make questions from statements. They are doing well. The goal for them is to ask different questions from the statements. The class was fun. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

September 24, 2018

4:10 Class

  • Preposition game 
  • ABC’s search and phonics game
  • Card games - food and emotions
  • Songs - Head and Shoulders and Opposites
  • Today’s Lesson - What will you do?
  • Memory game - emotions 
This student is one year old. He is repeating words and saying the names of the cards he knows such as “happy, sad, tired, and more. I am expecting him and the other student who is three years old to start reading within the next six months. These kids are smart. 


Made sentences with verbs. Today’s words were “Block” and “Blow”. 
Today’s sentences were

1. There is a big door. 
2. There I am blocking a door.
3. A beavers blows on a tree. 

This student is doing well. He is in the fourth grade.

English reading and translation.

Today’s Reading assignment was “Let’s Play Together”.
We translated some sentences into Japanese for comprehension purposesa. Wee also practiced phonics. Today’s class was fun.

Today we made questions from statements. The ages of the students are 5,5, and 12 years old. The younger ones are smart. We practiced phonics also. The class was very productive.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

My 8 o'clock class.

This class has two students. They are siblings. This class' English level is high. Both students are in elementary school. This class is learning to make questions from statements. This is very easy. I teach them in a very simple matter.

September 10, 2018

September 10, 2018

4:10 Class

Ryuki (3) and Ryuha (1) did very well in class. We sang an ABC song and played two ABC games.  When I say the letters and the phonics, they repeat after me. We played some card games. We sang songs and counted our body parts. They are doing well in class.

5:00 Class

Ren(10) is very energetic. He is learning how to make seven different grammatical sentences with verbs. Today’s word was “block”. The sentence he thought of was “私はドアをふさいだことがあります。”  He understands what nouns, verbs and the articles - a, an, the.

The sentences he made with the word “block” are

1. I black a door.
2. The door is big.
3. I am blocking a door.
4. I have blocked a door.
5. I had blocked a door.

He has two more sentences to make.

1. There I am blocking a door.
2. There is a big door.

6:00 Class

The two students are learning to read. The students are 4 and five year old. They smasvamced to the reading class level two weeks ago. The four year old joined my class four months ago. The five year old student joined about a month ago. Both are very energetic and are soaking up the information very quickly. The reading lesson for today was:

Let’s Play Together

A. Where are you going?
B. I am going home.
A. What will you do?
B. I will play a game.
A. I want to play a game too.
B. Let’s play together.
A. Thank you.
B. You are welcome.

A vocabulary list is accompanied with this conversation.

7:00 Class

This class has four students in it. The students are from six years old to a sixth grader. In this class, the students are earning how to make questions from statements. This class is really fun. The sixth grader is new to the class and naturally a bit overwhelmed at the knowledge the other three students have. The class is easy so she will reach their level soon.

The statement we used today was

“I climb a big mountain everyday. “

The question this made was “Who climbs a big mountain every year?”

They are doing superb in class.